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(2052 UTC 03 October 2023)
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METAR text: LIMF 032020Z AUTO 24006KT 9999 NCD 21/17 Q1022
Conditions at: LIMF (TORINO/CASELLE , IT) observed 2020 UTC 03 October 2023
Temperature: 21.0°C (70°F)
Dewpoint: 17.0°C (63°F) [RH = 78%]
Pressure (altimeter): 30.18 inches Hg (1022.0 mb)
Winds: from the WSW (240 degrees) at 7 MPH (6 knots; 3.1 m/s)
Visibility: 6 or more miles (10+ km)
Ceiling: at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds: sky clear below 12,000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather observed at this time

Forecast for: LIMF (TORINO/CASELLE , IT)
Text: TAF LIMF 031700Z 0318/0418 VRB05KT CAVOK
Forecast period: 1800 UTC 03 October 2023 to 1800 UTC 04 October 2023
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: variable direction winds at 6 MPH (5 knots; 2.6 m/s)
Visibility: 6 or more miles (10+ km)
Ceiling: unknown
Clouds: missing
Weather: NSW  (no significant weather)
Text: TEMPO 0323/0405 2000 BCFG
Forecast period: 2300 UTC 03 October 2023 to 0500 UTC 04 October 2023
Forecast type: TEMPORARY: The following changes expected for less than half the time period
Visibility: 1.24 miles (2.00 km)
Ceiling: unknown
Clouds: missing
Weather: BCFG  (patches of fog)


Runway 18 Runway length 10827 ft Runway width 197 ft
Runway elevation 981 ft Runway displaced threshold 2378 ft Runway heading 183
Runway 36 Runway length 10827 ft Runway width 197 ft
Runway elevation 933 ft Runway displaced threshold 1148 ft Runway heading 3

Type APP Name APP Frequency 23.44 MHZ
Type APP Name APP Frequency 129.275 MHZ
Type ATIS Name ATIS Frequency 120.475 MHZ
Type GND Name GND Frequency 121.7 MHZ
Type TWR Name TWR Frequency 118.5 MHZ

Type TACAN Name Caselle Frequency 109500 KHZ
Type NDB Name Caselle Frequency 357 KHZ
Type VOR-DME Name Caselle Frequency 116750 KHZ
Type VOR-DME Name Torino Frequency 114500 KHZ
Type NDB Name Torino Frequency 393 KHZ

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