Our Vision

Aegean Virtual Airlines main purpose is:

  • To simulate the real operations of the real Aegean Airlines ® by performing scheduled, as well as charter flights by using its real fleet as well as other high quality freeware & payware addons, created for Microsoft ™ Flight Simulators.
  • To create new routes and schedules
  • Fly fictional flights by using light twin-engine aircraft, turboprops, and short/medium haul airliners, to fly within the Hellenic virtual FIR, to the neighboring Balkans, to Europe, and other continents by using long haul airliners to fly... everywhere!
  • To perform charter flights
  • To perform cargo flights
  • To perform humanitarian & MedEvac flights
  • To create tours and group flights
  • To create branch companies, in order to give pilots the ability to use more than one callsign for their flights, and not only Aegean Virtual (AEE) callsign.
  • The organization of educational training sessions for members of the virtual airline on topics (e.g. navigation, radio communications, meteorology, etc.)
  • The training of its members, on realistic, high quality addons; aircraft types (e.g. A320, B737, B747, B777 MD82 etc.)

For PiReps (Pilot Reports) submission we have adopted the use of two (2) different systems:

  • The normal submission system, through the Crew Lounge, that requires all data to be entered and submitted by each pilot.
  • The automated submission system, requiring the use the SimACARS application

In addition, Aegean Virtual Airlines has affiliated its members' ranks with HvACC's Squadron Checkrides

Succesfull completion of A & B Checkrides lead to an automatic promotion to the rank of Captain or Senior Captain in respect to the rank currently owned by each pilot, while succesfull completion of all three (3) checkrides (A, B & C) lead to a promotion to the highest available rank of Senior Commercial Captain!

Similarly, for those who are registered with an IVAO ID in our company and have successfuly completed a PP checkride of IVAO, will receive the rank of captain, holders of SPP will receive the rank of Senior Captain, while holders of CP will receive the rank of Senior Commercial Captain.

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This site has no connection with the actual Aegean Airlines®.
The site was designed exclusively for use in conjunction with Microsoft Flight Simulator™, Prepar3D™ and X-plane™.
Any References to Microsoft, Aegean, Airbus, Boeing, etc. are legally owned by the manufacturers and their owners.
Our views and activities are quite different from those of the real Aegean Airlines®. Everything is virtual. Resources and information cannot be used on real flights but only for virtual ones.

Everything was created for entertainment only